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Naloxone Safety Kits at the Leelanau County Government Center/Senior Services

Thanks to collaboration with the Grand Traverse County Drug Free Coalition and their Color for Hope Fundraiser, the Leelanau County Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition provided two Naloxone Safety Kits to Leelanau Senior Services. These kits are simple to use and contain the tools anyone can use to help save a life from opioid overdose while emergency medical services are on their way. One of the kits has been installed in the Leelanau County Government Center and one is being carried by Leelanau Senior Services home visitors. We are grateful for the kits received from our partners in Grand Traverse County and would like to fundraise for additional kits that can be installed in a variety of community settings such as businesses, libraries, churches, schools…there’s no wrong place to have one alongside first aid kits and AEDs. To learn more about purchasing the Color for Hope posters that provided funds for these kits you can visit For more information on naloxone training, access to naloxone to have on hand in case of emergency and placing more rescue kits in our community contact Sharon


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