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Montmorency County Resources

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Montmorency Substance Free Coalition




1st Monday of the month at 3:30pm


Atlanta Community Schools Library

Virtual -


Meeting ID: 899 4227 4443

Passcode: 905440


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To advance substance free prevention efforts in Montmorency County

About Us:

The Montmorency County Substance Free Coalition was established in January of 2017, following five murder-suicides all directly related to Substance misuse and mental health issues.  An anonymous donor jump started our efforts with a small $5000 donation to be used to enhance prevention education efforts, access to treatment and reduction of stigma.  Our group has been working diligently to ensure involvement by all 12 community sectors and currently have the following sectors actively participating in leading our efforts with this coalition  (Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Medical, Treatment, Faith based, Law Enforcement, Government officials, Prevention, Public Health, Community service organizations, MSUE and Business representatives)


One of our primary missions of the coalition is to advance access and services to our residents to prevention, reduction of stigma, treatment and recovery.   To accomplish these efforts we will follow evidence based practices (best practices) to improve our community’s over health ( physically and mentally).


Six years after our meager beginnings, the state wants to ensure our efforts continue and grow.   Beginning January of 2023 Montmorency County will be participating in a MI-PAC program which will focus efforts on community strategic planning and the development and implementation of the findings to provide programming to all sectors of the community.   To become involved in these efforts or learn more about our coalition


One of the coalition efforts was bringing in motivational speakers:  Michigan Youth Alive to work with our High School youth.

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