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Regional Resources

In northern Lower Michigan, several coalitions are in place that address substance use issues. Up North Prevention can assist any group of citizens, organizations, law-makers and educators in developing and running a substance misuse prevention coalition.

For assistance in setting up a coalition, contact or call (800) 356-5755. Your email will be directed to the professional working in your community and they will be in contact with you.

Up North Prevention's Community Profiles

Young Adult Survey - scheduled release February 15, 2023 - check back later

Social Determinant Report - scheduled release February 15, 2023 - check back later

Substance Misuse Archival Data - scheduled release March 1, 2023, check back later

Virtual Training Archives

Coalition Development - six part series

Youth Coalition Development - 3 part series

Coffee with the Coalition - Live Well Kalkaska series

How To Talk About Drugs with Kids & Young Adults - Five part series

Partners In Action
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