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Grand Traverse County Drug Free Coalition’s Color for Hope Fundraiser 

The Grand Traverse County Drug-Free Coalition sells 18”x24” colorable posters. These posters come in four unique designs, two Traverse City and two Leelanau posters. The designs include businesses, landmarks, and scenery specific to these areas. The local artist, Susan Alexander, spent hours in the natural areas, businesses, and landmarks of Traverse City and Leelanau County to capture the beautiful details. Susan Alexander lost her daughter to the disease of addiction. She is a passionate supporter of this cause and donated these posters to further efforts to curb addiction and increase the availability of resources related to education, prevention, and treatment.

All proceeds from the sale of these posters go to support substance use disorder (SUD) education, prevention, and treatment in our community. Since we began our fundraiser in late 2020, we have raised over $16,000 and have already begun to put the money to good use in our community! We have purchased wall-mounted Naloxone Safety Kits; the simple-to-use and life-saving tools in a Naloxone Safety Kit allow public members to accomplish rescues before emergency medical services personnel arrive. The kits have been installed at many local businesses and organizations, such as libraries, churches, homeless shelters, courthouses, schools, public transportation, and the airport. We have also donated funds to address barriers for those seeking recovery, making treatment possible.

For information on how to purchase these posters, visit the coalition’s website at


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