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Up North Prevention Information Table: Sharing Knowledge and Awareness with Crawford County

My name is Tabitha Scott and I am a new Prevention Specialist for Crawford County. I am excited for the opportunity to work in, and with, the Grayling community to spread awareness about the many resources we use to help others who may be struggling with substance use. I have been setting up an information table bi-weekly at the Deveraux Memorial Crawford County Library. There has been a good response to this as people want to inform and protect their families. I provide Narcan, Deterra bags and medication lockboxes. I hear a lot of sad stories from those who have said they have already lostloved ones to addiction or even accidental overdose and they wish these resources were made available to them sooner to help their families. It is continually proven that these services are very needed. The community members are grateful for this guidance.  

There is a variety of information I have available with me depending on the needs, some examples are Peer Recovery Services, underage drinking and tobacco information, marijuana facts, etc.  Some of the resources I connect them to are Families Against Narcotics (FAN), NMSAS Recovery Center, Hope Not Handcuffs, Talk Sooner, and Prime for Life. I take many informational pamphlets such as: “I’m still a person. The Stigma of Substance Use & Power of Respect”, “Youth and Marijuana” and “Underage Drinking Myths Versus Facts”. 

To further help the community, the library has also approved of setting up two Narcan Distribution Boxes at their location. This will further reduce the number of possible overdoses in Crawford County. 


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