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The Vision Behind a Spirit Week Filled with the Importance of Safe Choices

As the members of Posen High School SLS (Students Leading Students) gear up for an exciting spirit week with a prevention theme, they are not only organizing an impactful event but also honing essential leadership skills. This planning process empowers these young leaders with communication and collaboration skills as they learn to listen to each other and share differing perspectives and ideas. The event is also teaching time management and prioritization skills as they have juggled multiple deadlines and planning meetings all while balancing already busy lives.

Their spirit week will begin next week with a day-long, eye-opening event sharing what the loss of classmate could look like. The week will continue with daily activities that shall help their peers see the role that prevention plays in shaping healthy futures. The grand finale of the spirit week will be a lock-in event hosted by the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) chapter and SLS. That night, with a theme yet to be announced, students will engage in team-building activities, impactful lessons, and enjoy great food! The lock-in emphasizes the importance of making safe choices and supporting one another.


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