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Prom in Leelanau County

he high school prom is an eagerly awaited rite of passage for young adults. For several years, the high schools in Leelanau County have hosted a county-wide prom for their students. This year's prom was held on Saturday, April 22 at Leelanau Sands in Peshawbestown. Adults from Leelanau Investing for Teens (LIFT) chaperoned. The Leelanau County Substance Misuse Prevention Coalition successfully asked for $4,000 from the Leelanau County Board of Commissioners towards event costs. This is just one of the many ways that the coalition supports healthy alternatives for Leelanau County youth. Bekah TenBrink, LIFTs Executive Director, observes, "It is so important that our youth feel supported by mentors (adults) in all times, and especially in times of celebration. A key prevention strategy is to remain a consistent presence, so that in all times a teen can feel comfortable and safe to seek guidance as they need." Congratulationsto all our graduating seniors as they celebrate the final moments of their K-12 educational journeys and embark on new adventures! We will always be here to support you.


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