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Empowering Compassion: Posen High School’s Impactful Spirit Week

Posen High School Students Leading Students (SLS) members worked together to plan a spirit week leading up to a memorable lock-in event that made an impact! SLS is a remarkable, nationally recognized program that operates on a student-led approach to recognizing good mental health and prevention programming. SLS empowers students to take the lead. The students who planned this event were challenged to lead and, in the process of the week’s events, have become role models for their peers.

The week began with Grim Reaper Day. On this solemn day, the SLS members orchestrated a powerful event. Each grade selected a student who refrained from speaking throughout the entire day. This silence symbolized the impact of losing a student due to substance-related incidents. By embodying the “lost students,” these participants highlighted the gravity of substance abuse within the school community.

Recognizing the importance of mental health with a dress-up day on Tuesday, students were encouraged to dress their best. The idea was simple: when we feel good about ourselves, our mental well-being thrives. In addition to dressing up, prevention-based videos were shown in classrooms, emphasizing the significance of maintaining good mental health.

On Wednesday, students were invited to attend school in their favorite pajamas. On this cozy day, the relaxed atmosphere aimed to promote comfort and self-care. Sometimes, taking a break from the hustle and bustle can be just as impactful as dressing up. All students were invited to stop by the concession stand where SLS members treated their peers to an assortment of snacks.

Camouflage attire served as a visual reminder not to hide kindness on Camo Day. Students donned camo clothing, symbolizing their commitment to being authentic, supportive, and compassionate. The message was clear: kindness should never be concealed. Water bottle stickers carrying inspirational messages were distributed throughout the day.

The pinnacle of the spirit week was the lock-in event. SLS began the excitement with a school-wide scavenger hunt announcing the theme and setting the mood of the lock-in: “Get a Clue: It’s a Murder Mystery”! An assembly and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) event was arranged by the School Resource Officer. First Responders and Law Enforcement presented a demonstration of the effects of poor decisions where students gathered to address substance misuse head-on. The night continued with a SADD lock-in. The night featured a live version of Clue that found students highly engaged in teams to solve puzzles and fun competitions, wearing team t-shirts sponsored by Beck Funeral Home. A fantastic group of teachers, parents, and community members spent the night supervising the excitement!


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