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Prescription Drug Abuse



You should monitor your prescriptions. Know what the doctor has prescribed, why they have prescribed it and how the drug works. Know what each pill looks like every time it is filled (because with generics it could change each time). Know how many refills you have and when the drug expires. Talk with your doctor about non-narcotic alternatives, especially to pain medicine which is the most abused class of prescription drugs.


Lock‘em up! Is your medication missing or are you running out before it’s time? Did you know that it was most likely stolen by someone you know and love? Secure your medications in a safe place only you or your care giver knows. Get them out of the medicine cabinets and kitchen cupboards. When you have visitors in your home, keep your medications locked up or hidden in the same room where you will be visiting with them. Keep your medications with you if you are having work done in your home.


Dispose of your unused, expired or unwanted medications properly. Please do not flush any medications even if it says to on the label! You may take all of your unused, unwanted or expired medications, including controlled narcotics, to your local law enforcement agency for disposal. It’s always free and no questions asked. Or you may dispose of them yourself by mixing the medication with a small amount of liquid to make a paste, and then putting it in used coffee grounds or kitty litter, place in a bag or wrap and then put in the garbage.

Destroy all labels.

Keep your home and loved ones safe by monitoring, securing and properly disposing your prescriptions today, and encourage all of your friends and family to do the same. Let’s all “be the solution!”

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Happening Regionally?

Check out the Michigan Department of Community Health website at 


To request a prescription drug abuse prevention presentation please contact

1-800 356-5755 OR email

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Be The



The current epidemic of prescription drug abuse has got us all wondering how it got so out of hand and, hopefully prompted us to think about how we can be the solution to ending this epidemic, or at the least, not becoming “accidental dealers.” Four out of five teens who have abused prescription drugs say they got them from a friend or relative. The crime of home invasion has risen at an alarming rate with most break-ins being done in pursuit of prescription drugs, cash or gold. If you leave any medications out on a kitchen table, microwave, or bedside table, easily visible from a window, you may be a target.

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