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The Live Well Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition Provides Community Education Through Billboards

Throughout this last year, the Live Well Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition has displayed prevention messaging to the community of Kalkaska County with its billboards. The billboards were paid for by a SAMHSA Grant through Prevention Network. Each billboard has had a different message every month. The messages focused on the risks of substance use, keeping our youth safe, and recognizing the connection between root causes and substance use disorders. A focus of Live Well Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition is to educate its community, so its members recognize the root causes of substance use disorders such as early use, genetics, environment, and childhood trauma. A caring and trauma informed community can make a difference for a child who may not have an adult capable of being present. This support can be a major factor in a child developing resilience and avoiding the development of substance use and other health disorders.


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