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Positive Youth Development in Cheboygan County

As our Cheboygan youth coalition continues to grow, we wanted to highlight something crucial to the work we are doing- Positive Youth Development! Positive youth development (PYD) is an essential framework for promoting the healthy development of young people. This approach has been the backbone of our efforts to address youth substance use in Cheboygan County.

Here are some helpful things to know about PYD and how it can impact youth:

  • PYD focuses on building strengths and assets in youth rather than solely addressing their problems or deficits. The approach is based on the belief that all young people have the potential to thrive, given the proper support and opportunities.

  • Research has shown that youth participating in programs promoting PYD are less likely to use drugs and alcohol. This is because PYD programs focus on developing skills and strengths, such as problem-solving, decision-making, and self-regulation, which can help young people resist the pressures to engage in substance use.

  • Additionally, PYD programs often provide youth positive social connections and support systems. Young people who feel connected to positive adult role models, peers, and community members are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, including substance use. By building positive relationships with young people and creating safe, supportive environments, PYD programs can help young people build the skills and resilience needed to navigate the challenges of adolescence.

  • Positive youth development is a critical tool in preventing substance use among youth. By building strengths, assets, and positive connections, PYD programs can help young people resist pressure to engage in risky behaviors and promote healthier outcomes.

For more information about Cheboygan prevention efforts and how you can get involved, please get in touch with Leigh Ann Theunick at or Molly Harvey at


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