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Joining Forces to Help Students Make the Right Choices

Up North Prevention, Alpena Public Schools, and the Alpena Police Department are working together to educate students on healthy alternatives to substance misuse and destructive behavior. This partnership was started in 2021 and was launched by using two evidence-based programs to help students make the right choices and curb disruptive behavior. The two programs are Prime 4 Life, which teaches about substance misuse and addiction, and Botvins LifeSkills, which teaches about coping skills and how to use them to make good decisions and deal with a host of other challenges that adolescents might face (IE anger, anxiety, peer pressure, communication, etc.).

The partnership is looking forward to the development of a Student Leading Students Coalition starting during the 2023/2024 school year. This student-operated coalition will develop its own goals and objectives as viewed important by the students themselves. Up North Prevention is enthusiastic about offering guidance, as needed, but the coalition outcomes will be the students' reward. We are excited to see what they decide to tackle!

Another fantastic development is an increased Up North Prevention presence at the school next year. We are looking forward to strengthening our teamwork and relationships with students/staff and having fun. Afterall, that’s what is all about right 😊


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