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It Takes a Village; Trauma and Resilience

 In January, the Live Well Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition held their second Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) event titled, "Healthier Happier, Youth & Families." The presentation, given by Sharon Vreeland of the 45th Parallel Resilience Network, was held both live on the Live Well Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition Facebook page and in person at the Kalkaska High School Auditorium. A few points the presentation displayed were how the adverse experiences children have can change brain chemistry, the science behind generational trauma, the importance of resilience building in youth, and how one caring and competent adult can make a difference. The Kalkaska Coalition has been working with the 45th Parallel Resilience Network for just short of two years. Their goal in offering these events and targeted trainings is to provide community education on how childhood trauma can be directly linked to some cases of physical, mental, and substance use disorders and how the community can make a difference for each child. It really does take a village.


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