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Empowering Youth Voices - Work to Combat Vaping Epidemic in Cheboygan County

In an impressive show of civic engagement, a few members of the Youth Coalition in Cheboygan County (P2P), recently presented their ideas and initiatives to the Board of Commissioners. Focused on addressing the alarming rise in youth vaping, these passionate young individuals have taken the initiative to tackle this critical public health issue head-on. With the support of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and the unwavering encouragement from the commissioners, they are making significant strides towards implementing effective anti-vaping campaigns.

The SPF is a comprehensive and data-driven approach used to prevent and reduce substance abuse, including the emerging crisis of youth vaping. By following the SPF's five-step model, the youth of Cheboygan County were able to develop strategic plans to combat this pervasive issue. The framework provided them with a solid foundation to assess the problem, build capacity, plan targeted interventions, implement evidence-based strategies, and evaluate their progress.

The youth's presentation to the Board of Commissioners in Cheboygan County was met with overwhelming support and encouragement. The commissioners recognized the urgent need to address the alarming rise in youth vaping and acknowledged the importance of involving young voices in finding effective solutions. They commended the youth for their dedication and initiative in taking a proactive approach to combat this public health crisis.


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