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Botvin Parent Program

Botvin Parent Program is an interactive, skills-based program designed to help parents promote positive health and personal development in their children. The program gives parents appropriate and collaborative tools to use with their children to reinforce competency in the skills that have been found to reduce and prevent substance use and violence. Additionally, participation in this program increases parents’ confidence in developing healthy children and families.

The target audience for this program is parents of pre-adolescent and adolescent children. The program consists of 6 lessons delivered sequentially in 3 sessions. Topics include:

  • Family communication

  • Parental monitoring

  • Importance of being a good role model

  • Using appropriate and consistent discipline

  • Effects and warning signs of substance use

  • Taking a clear stand on drugs

Up North Prevention offers the Botvin Parent Program at no cost to parents in Northern Michigan. The program is done virtually in three sessions. Registration can be completed at or for more information call 231-261-8434.


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