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Biking for Better Mental Health

In June, the Kalkaska Substance Free Coalition and the Kalkaska Conservation District held another successful community activity. Thirteen youth and eight adults rode 5+ miles of the trails at Twin Birch Golf Course in Kalkaska County. The youth were asked to concentrate on how the biking activity made them feel, and the effects on other senses, such as smell, sight, and sound. The students learned about the benefits of these activities for their brains and bodies, and how they are important to use when we may feel anxious or depressed, rather than turning to substances. The group also talked about how the activity may have been a bit of a struggle for some, and how life can also have struggles, but we can always overcome if we keep going. The hard times will pass and be behind us. These, and other, activities provided by our two groups are offered throughout the summer to help educate the community on the great natural resources that we are lucky to have in our county. These activities also help to show youth and families how we can use these natural resources for better mental and physical health. They teach us how they help us to “LIVE WELL”.

We want to give a big shout out and thank you to Norte (Tyler and Julie) for supplying bikes and helmets for those who needed them and for assisting on the trails; and to Twin Birch Golf Club and Restaurant (Kwin and Mike) for guiding us down their trails and donating lunch. Thank you to the waitress as well. We appreciate you all.

We are already planning next year's bike ride!


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