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Alpena Prevention Advisory Board Starts the School Year

The Alpena Prevention Advisory Board is comprised of school administration, educational staff, behavioral health, medical, law enforcement, and prevention professionals. Over the course of the year, they will serve as an advisory board to the Northeast Michigan Recovery Care Network and the Students Leading Students Chapter. The Board's Mission is to "collectively support, guide, and empower young people and the community at large to engage and lead in activities that promote emotional and physical wellness."

The board is following a Strategic Prevention Framework Process, that includes five steps assessment, capacity, planning, implementation, and evaluation. The process is guided and facilitated by a certified prevention staff, where assessment processes are well underway with the Board reviewing data sets from young adults, key informants, and indicator data around risks.

At its September meeting, the Board joined Up North Prevention's efforts in its "September is Recovery Month" campaign, sporting t-shirts in a show of their support.


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