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Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer at Mio's Heritage Days

Prevention Specialist Randy Mullard and Community Service State Trooper Jason Kuneth team up to bring the Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer to Mio's Heritage Days. Mio's Heritage Days, held on August 11th, 2023, was hindered by weather, but despite the weather several parents and grandparents took the tour of the Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer. The trailer is set up to replicate a teenager's bedroom and is full of hidden items such as drug paraphernalia and other items that most parents wouldn't recognize as a potential harm if they did not know what they were looking for. Once parents go through the trailer the trooper takes them back through and shows them what they overlooked. It's a great educational opportunity for parents and a great way for the public to connect with the Community Service Trooper and those who are working to educate their communities on substance misuse.


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